Here you can learn about portals that allow you to check the balance sheets and income statements of different European countries.


The balance sheets of all business entities operating in Belgium can be accessed for free on the website of the Central Bank of Belgium. It contains company information, organisational forms, activities, balance sheets, income statements, notes, and some other documents. The website is available in English, German, French and Dutch. However, the annual financial reports are only available in Dutch.

Czech Republic

A business register can be found on the Czech Ministry of Justice’s website. Users have free access to information about the company, its activities, organisational form, balance sheet, and income statement. The content is only available in Czech.


In Denmark, only basic company information, such as organisational form and activity, is available for free through the Central Business Register of Denmark’s website. Other information can be accessed at a fee. You must pay €2.14 for a report on a business entity and €5 for annual financial reports. The website is available in English, Danish and Greenlandic.


A business register of Finnish companies is available at the website of the National Patent and Registration Committee – VIRRE. It is available in English, Finnish and Swedish. Users can search for and view business entities’ company and organisational forms for free. To view the annual financial reports you must pay €6.15.


The website in France provides users with free access to information about the company, organisational form, management staff, activity, date of establishment, transaction account, balance sheet, and financial statements of the business entity. The website is only available in French.

On their website, trade and business register Infogreffe offers balance sheet insight for € 5.71 and the full annual financial report for € 11.32. Free access to information about the company, its activities and organisational form is available. The website is available in both English and French.


In Greece, business entity information is available at the ICAP Group website, where only a search and insight into the registered office of business entities is provided free of charge. Other information is available for a fee in accordance with their price list. To view an entire company profile you need to pay €28. Individual financial statements are available for €8 each. This website also provides access to the profiles of business entities in Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia for a fee of €20.


The Business Registration Office is an English-language website that allows users to view basic company information (organisational form and status of the business entity). Other information and documents, such as annual financial reports, are available for a fee of €2.50 per individual document.


On the RCS website, the annual financial report, company insight, and organisational form costs €2.50. Users can freely search business entities on this site and gain insight into the company, organisational form, and activity. The website is available in French, English and German.


To view information about business entities on the Register of Companies of Malta’s website, you must first register.  The information for the website can be downloaded for €5. You can retrieve a company profile for €10, an annual financial report for €2, and other documents for €1. The price for unlimited access for a one year is €12,000. The website is available in both English and Maltese.


In the Netherlands, the Commercial Register is managed by the Chamber of Commerce, which is available in both English and Dutch. The website collects, edits, processes, and publishes all data about business entities in the Netherlands. Basic information, such as company activity and contacts, can be viewed for €2.90. All you have to do is search for the company’s headquarters address and organisational structure in the database.


The Racius website provides free access to information about companies, organisational forms, and activities of Portuguese business entities. A company profile can be obtained for €2.55, a business report can be obtained for €12.75, and insight into the annual financial reports can be obtained for €17. The prices listed are for a single document. The website is only available in Portuguese.


The Register portal is available to all users in English, German, French, and Spanish. The service of conducting a business search is completely free. The cost of viewing a company profile is €6.30, while the price for viewing annual financial reports is €11.90.


In Sweden, information about business entities can be obtained from three different portals. The first portal is The user is provided with free access to information about the company, its activities, organisational form, management, simplified balance sheet, and income statement from the year of 2010 and including three years back. An additional payment of €3.35 is required for the entire annual financial report.

The second portal It is very similar to the first one, but the annual reports cost €5.80 to view. Both websites are available in Swedish.

The third one is the Bolagsverket agency portal. They collect, process, and also publish annual reports. Users can search and view information about business entities free of charge. Other information requires payment. More detailed information about business entities is available for €40 + VAT for a one-time connection, €0.68 + VAT for insight into a single subject profile, and €4.56 + VAT for the annual financial report. The database is available in both English and Swedish.

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