Translation and Localization

Localization of projects

A project is a targeted and completed process of developing an activity that is aimed at achieving the final goal. A project can be offered by an individual, a business, a social organization, a public organization, a social institution, a state institution, or even an international organization. Many persons are involved in the implementation of a particular project, including executives and contractors.

Successful implementation of a project also requires a well-established information system, which of course includes a lot of of documentation, from the design and objectives of the project to the organization and implementation itself. The documentation can be of structural production and production technological (regular or supplementary).

If the project is extensive or international and requires expansion to foreign markets, localization of the project is recommended.

What is localization?

Localization is a process in which the translation of the content of a product, service or software fully meets local language and cultural requirements.

What is the difference between localization and translation?

Translation and localization differ in their basic purpose, in tracking of the original, stakeholder involvement and types of texts. The basic purpose of a translation is to transfer the facts and meaning of a text from one language to another. The basic purpose of localization, however, is to present these facts and importance in the most appropriate way that meets the linguistic and cultural requirements of the target language.

Translators are not necessarily experts in foreign markets, while when dealing with localization they simply have to be. The texts that usually require translation are generally universal and less formal (e-mails, forums, reference books, instruction manuals, etc.), while localization means texts that readers understand in terms of the cultural context.

These include blogs, websites, marketing texts and other educational materials.

Localization of the projects intended for public procurement is very important. Localization failures may throw a poor light on the initiator of the project and consequently, the project is not accepted.

K&J Translations is aware of the importance of localization of projects, works with many translators who are native speakers and experts in their field, and with the experience helps you to organize and localize a project that is intended for expansion into a foreign market.

In addition to localization and translation of various projects, we also offer the following services:

  • Additional proofreading of the text (we recommend it especially if the text is for publication or marketing purposes).
  • Graphic design of the translated text (in case you need the graphic format of the translation to match the graphic format of the original text).

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