Transcription and Translation of Audio Recordings

The word transcription has several meanings in different fields. In biology, transcription means genetic transcription, where information from a DNA molecule is converted to RNA; in the music world a musical notation, or also an adaptation of a musical notation for another instrument. Linguists, however, define the meaning of the word in two ways. The first method deals with transliteration, where we mirror the characters from one alphabet into characters of another alphabet or change the spelling of a word from one font to another. The second method is related to translation, where transcription is essentially a method of converting speech to text.

In simplified terms, transcription records the contents of audio or video files into text, which is then translated as desired.

What can be transcribed?

Audio or video files of:

  • lectures,
  • meetings,
  • video conferences,
  • important calls,
  • podcasts,
  • interviews,
  • researches,
  • dictates,
  • YouTube videos,
  • etc.

K&J Translations offers affordable, high-quality, fast transcriptions and translations of your video and audio files. Transcripts and translations must be accurate, comprehensible and linguistically and terminologically relevant.

Transcription offers many benefits and certainly includes a better understanding of audio and video for both you and your clients.

You need the transcription to convert your file to writing, or to use your content in new, creative ways. This can increase the number of users of your products and improve your services.

In addition to transcription and translation of audio recordings, we also offer the following services:

  • Translation of texts into different languages,
  • additional proofreading of the text (we especially recommend it if the text is for publication or marketing purposes).

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