Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get a free translation (or is it enough to have a basic understanding of the text)?

You can find a free translation on a number of online translators, such as Google translate, where a basic understanding of a text and language is sufficient. If you need a professional translation, we advise you to send us an enquiry and we will do our best to provide the service to your satisfaction.

What is included in the price of the translation?

The price of the translation includes translation of the text and review of the translation. Translating is done by a translator who is qualified for a specific topic, and the review of the translation is done by a native speaker or an excellent speaker of the target language.

How and when do I pay for the translation?
  • Legal entities settle the invoice upon the completion of the translation services. The payment period is 10 days unless otherwise agreed.
  • Individuals settle the invoice before the translation. The service can be settled through PayPal, e-banking, or as usual with a payment slip. Translation services begin immediately after receiving the payment or the payment receipt sent to us via e-mail.
When do I need a certified translation?

Usually, you need a certified translation if you translate documents such as diplomas, proofs of impunity, and marriage certificates required by your home or foreign offices (embassies, ministries, state offices, courts, insurance companies, medical institutions, schools, universities, etc.).

What is a certified translation?

A translation with a judicial verification is done by a translator appointed by the Ministry of Justice. The certified translator guarantees that the translated content is identical to the original. The certified translation is tied to the original with a string. The translation also includes the seal and the signature of the translator.

In what format and how can I send you the text for translation?

You can send us the text for translation via our website, by e-mail, regular mail, or by contacting us in person. We accept all types of documents and files, from computer files to paper documents.

What is a standard page?

A standard page is a standard translation unit. 1 standard page is 250 words or 1500 characters without spaces.

How do you calculate the amount of text?

The process depends on the format of the text that you send us for the translation. If the text is received in a format suitable for editing, the amount of text is quickly calculated using the translation program. If you send the text in a form that can not be edited, we first convert it into a format that is appropriate for editing and then based on the number of words, the number of standard pages is calculated. Based on the latter, we calculate the price of the translation.

How fast can you prepare the translation?

We always try to please the customer and, in the event of time constraints, we perform translations in a very short time. Within one hour after the submission of the request, we will send you an offer indicating the deadline for the completion of the project. However, the time required for the translation itself depends on several factors, including the complexity of the text, the number of translation materials, the language combinations, etc..

Which languages do you translate?

In the translation agency K&J Translations we offer translations into and from most European and world languages. We work with more than 5000 translators worldwide and translate into 85 world languages. If you need a translation into a language combination that is not yet listed on our website, please contact us and we will do our best to find the appropriate translator.

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