SEO Translation Services

SEO is the abbreviation for Search engine optimization, which means optimization of websites for search engines. It is also a process by which a website is optimized for search engines to place the site high in search engine results.

Keywords play a significant role in this process, to which the website or content also adapts. This increases the possibility that a web visitor will while checking the hits, also see, click, and visit your site.

As a result, your site will be ahead of the competition when searching the web browsers for services and products offered by your business.

SEO Translation Services

If you want your business to penetrate and expand to a foreign market, a website translation is recommended. Read more here.

What we enter into web browsers (Google, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, etc.) during our daily web browsing are the socalled keywords. They help us to display web pages that are related to written keywords while browsing. For example, with keywords translating, translation, or translation agency we can find translation service providers’ websites.

However, not all keywords for your site are necessarily relevant in all markets. For example, when looking for a translation agency in the Slovenian market, the keywords translation and translating are important, while in Slovakia their equivalents “preklady” and “prekladanie” can also mean wrapping, frame or even spatial movement, which of course is not related to a translation agency. As a result, your translation agency site will not be among the first hits. Consequently, your company needs to work with a translation agency that already has extensive experience in the field and cooperates with translators from around the world who are native speakers of target languages and experts in target markets.

Also crucial in translating your site into a foreign language and SEO optimization is the analysis of your competition and tailoring of the keywords according to their positions.

At K&J Translations, we have translated and localized websites for several companies, and also provided SEO for their optimization. We will do our best to make your translated website look completely native to the native speakers of the target language.

Increase sales with a quality translation of your web content. With our quality translations, your website will be more accessible to the world market!

In addition to web site translation and SEO optimization, we offer the following services:

  • Additional proofreading of the text (we recommend it especially in cases where the text is intended for publication or for marketing purposes).
  • Graphic design of the translated text (in case you need the graphic format of the translation to match the graphic format of the original text).

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