Project Manager in the Slovenian, German and Austrian markets. Graduate of the German language and a translator with a natural talent for languages. Takes care of the organization of projects and a successful realization of them in the Slovenian and German markets.


Office and Project Manager in the Slovenian and Slovak markets and a translator in the language combination Slovenian-Slovak. After a successful study of Slovenian language, she started working as a translator in Slovenia. Now, she is an indispensable part of the K&J Translations team.


Project Manager in the Polish and Slovak markets. Native speaker of Polish and a graduate of Slovak language. Enthusiastic linguist, who finds an answer to every linguistic question. He is willing to deal with every translation challenge.


Project manager in the Czech market. Native speaker of the Czech and Slovenian language. Works as a translator of the Czech, Slovenian and English language. She completed a Master’s degree in Law and is specialized for translating text from various legal fields. She is very communicative and always willing to help.


Sales Coordinator and Client Manager in the Slovak and Italian markets. Native speaker of Slovak with an exceptional knowledge of Italian, which he obtained during his bilingual study in Slovakia and Italy. A pleasant business chat is guaranteed!


Project manager in the Spanish market and translator in the language combinations English-Spanish and German-Spanish. She started cooperating with K&J Translations as a freelance translator and now, thanks to her competencies, efficiency, and quality results, has become a member of our team as responsible for the Spanish market.


Head of Finance and Marketing. Mechanical engineer, who has found passion in marketing and economics. Takes care of advertising, online improvements, contracts and finances of the company. He is constantly in touch with Accounting and he adores numbers and programs of all sorts.


Senad is specialised in sales and inovations. He is a very good salesperson and the one in charge for acquiring new customers. He also takes care of any possible hardware and software problems.


Melanie has a masters degree in Social and Political Sciences. In our company she is in charge of contracts, documentation and desktop publishing.


Svjetlana is the Project Coordinator for Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian, markets. She has a masters degree in Psychology and therefore always knows how to connect with our clients.


Fatima is the Quality Manager. She studied linguistics and has an eye for detail. She can always spot and correct typos and minor mistakes.


She became a part of our team after her studies of Italian language. She is responsible for translations and proofreading in Italian language.


Aida is a specialized translator for German and English language. She is very detailed and punctual and she is proficient in translating tenders and legal contents.