Certified Translations

Do you need a certified translation by a court interpreter? Please contact us! We provide companies and individuals with quality services of our court interpreters at affordable prices.

Certified translations require the highest degree of professionalism and confidentiality. That is why we treat each document with care and confidentiality.

Certified translations are performed by court translators who are appointed as court interpreters by the Ministry of Justice. The court translator translates the text and with his or her seal and signature ensures that it is substantially identical to the original. The court translation is tied to the original with a string. This is an official document that you can use in all official institutions around the world.

Which documents usually need court certification?

  •  wedding and birth certificates,
  •  certificates (education, certificates of impunity),
  •  diplomas and certificates,
  •  certificates of completed education,
  •  court records,
  •  business documentation,
  •  official letters (from the administrative units, the court of justice),
  •  medical certificates,
  •  legal documentation,
  •  others.

You can bring us the original documents that you need translated in person, send them by post, or send us the copy via e-mail.

If you do not need a certified translation, we also offer quick standard translations of high quality at affordable prices.

Do you have more questions? Contact us at info@kjtranslations.com or via the form below.

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