Voice Over Services in Foreign Languages

Do you need a quality voice presentation of your text in a foreign language? No problem! We are co-operating with a wide range of the native speakers who offer the best quality voice over services. We strive for the satisfaction of our customers, so we make sure that you can hear the example of the voice in advance.

If you are searching for a professional voice over services, we have just what you need: native speakers of the target language, high-quality sound, and reasonable prices! On our website you can find the voice recordings of our voice actors and choose the most suitable one for your project. Or if you are too busy and simply have no time to choose, let us do the choosing for you!

What we consider when choosing the right voice actor for you:

We choose the voice that matches the character of your project the best and meets your requirements:

  • Male/female voice
  • Hard/soft pitch
  • Most suitable voice tone (authoritative, calming, humorous, cultured…)
  • Specific required dialect


In case that you need the text to be translated first and consequently recorded, we will gladly assist you! Just contact us, tell us more about your project and our project manager will prepare a free price offer for you!

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