Translation prices

The price of the translation depends on several factors: the length of the text, its complexity, topic, and your additional requirements – the deadline for the translation (standard, fast, express), the text format, etc. In the Translation Agency K&J Translations, we strive to offer you the most favourable price offer.

The cost of a translation is usually calculated according to the number of copyright pages. A copyright page as a measurement unit contains 250 words or 1800 characters with spaces or 1500 characters without spaces – depending on the calculating method. If you would like to entrust us with a translation into a foreign language, please send us an email with the text to translate, based on which we will prepare a free quote.

In addition to translating, we also offer a proofreading, which is also calculated on the basis of the standard pages.

In addition to quality and speed, the cost of a translation plays an important role in the search of translation services. You can certainly find many different prices for individual services online. However, the most expensive ones do not have to be the highest quality ones. We strive to give you the most for a favourable price.

What is the procedure for ordering a translation?

The procedure is very simple. Send us the text you want to have translated at

In addition, provide the information and additional data we need to prepare the translation according to your expectations:

  • required execution time,
  • purpose of why you need the text (marketing, presentation, your own needs, etc.)
  • whether you need a regular or a certified translationbrauchen,
  • whether you want additional proofreading of the translation,
  • whether you want to order the translation as a natural person or business (provide also business information – name, tax number),
  • the specific terminology you require.

If you are unsure of any of the above points, please contact us and we will be happy to advise! After you send us your inquiry, we will contact you within half an hour and send you a free non-binding price quote that will be “right up your street”!


The price offer is final and does not change. The calculating unit is one standard page – 250 words.

The minimum price of the order is 20 EUR.

Do you have more questions? Contact us at or via the form below.

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