Translating WordPress Websites with WPML Plugin

WPML is a plugin that allows you to easily create and maintain a multilingual WordPress website. With its help, you can manage the translations, posts and elements of your website, such as buttons, menus and forms, without difficulties.

In the translation agency K&J Translations, we are constantly striving for new technologies in the field of translation. That is why we have connected with and became a partner of WPML. This enables all of our customers to easily translate and set up a website with the WPML plug-in. This means that you do not have to worry about quality translation and proofreading of a website in more than 75 different languages anymore. We will take care of everything!

Now you can translate your WordPress website in just a few clicks!


  1. Download the WPML plug-in from and install it on the WordPress website.
  2. Fill in the form below.
  3. You will receive an API token to your e-mail address, which will connect your WordPress website and our translation agency.
  4. Then, send us the texts you want to translate through the WPML plug-in.
  5. We will prepare you a translation offer and after confirmation, we will start with the translation.
  6. Upon completing the translation, we will further review the texts and using the WPML plug-in, upload them to your WordPress website.

Do you have more questions? Contact us at or via the form below.

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