General Terms and Conditions

1 Introductory provisions

1.1 General Terms and Conditions apply to all services offered by the company K&J GROUP, storitve, d.o.o., based at Ulica Roberta Hvalca 8, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia, (hereinafter referred to as the “service provider”) or in all legal and business relations between the service provider and the client, unless the service provider and the client agree in writing to use different terms and conditions. General Terms and Conditions are the basis of all contracts concluded between the service provider and the client.

1.2 When placing an order by e-mail or telephone, it is considered that the client has read these general terms and conditions and fully agrees with them.

2 Service provider, client and service

2.1 The service provider is the company K&J GROUP, storitve, d.o.o., with its headquarters at Ulica Roberta Hvalca 8, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia.

2.2 The client is a legal or natural person who orders the provider’s services and to whom the provider offers the services from their activity.

2.3 The service is a translation or proofreading service or a graphic design service performed by the service provider for the client.

3 Offer, order, changing or cancelling an order

3.1 In order to create an informative offer, the client must provide as much information as possible to the service provider, such as the type of service (translation, proofreading, court translation, correction, DTP, graphic design), the scope of the text or material, the source and target languages, the desired deadline for the completion of the project, contact details, other wishes and requests.

3.2 The enquiry or the service provider’s informative offer is not binding and does not mean a confirmed order, as a written confirmation of the order is essential for the validity of the order (the following is considered as a formal order: an order in the form of an e-mail, printed out order form or filled-out electronic form on our web portal: https: / / or prepayment of the service in due time and under the conditions specified in the offer.

3.3 The contract is concluded between the service provider and the client when the service provider confirms the client’s order in writing by e-mail.

3.4 Any change or cancellation of the order is acceptable only if the client undertakes to settle all the costs incurred. The amount of work performed (completed or partial) is calculated in proportion to the costs.

4 Rights and obligations of the service provider and client

4.1 The service provider undertakes to perform all ordered services in a quality manner, according to the best of their capabilities, knowledge and skills and in accordance with the client’s instructions and within the agreed deadline.

4.2 Delivery time is determined upon receiving the material. The daily translation norm is 6 standard pages. The daily proofreading norm is 15 to 20 standard pages. The day of accepting and the day of delivering the translation, weekends and holidays are not included in the daily norm, except in cases when the service provider and the client agree otherwise.

4.3 In the event of failure to comply with the deadlines, the service provider is obliged to notify the client immediately. In these circumstances, the client has no right to reject the delivery of the translation or service and has no right to cancel the contract. In the event of a delay, the service provider may offer a discount to the client.

4.4 The translation is delivered to the client in a single copy by e-mail, on an electronic medium or printed out. Unless otherwise agreed, the service provider delivers the translated material by e-mail, except in the case of court translations, which the service provider delivers by means of a registered letter through the Post of Slovenia.

4.5 The client is obliged to submit the original text in electronic form or a format that can be edited, otherwise the service provider will not be responsible for the loss of the original form after the translation.

4.6 The service provider guarantees the strictest protection of personal data, official and business secrets of the client in the delivered originals, oral explanations and written translations and must not under any circumstances disclose it to third parties or unauthorized persons. The service provider is allowed to submit to their subcontractors (translator, proofreader) only the information they need for their work.

4.7 If the text that is the subject of the contract contains unusual expressions, unknown acronyms or abbreviations, professional terms that are difficult to understand or already established terms that the service provider must take into account, the client undertakes to appoint a contact person, if requested by the service provider, whom the latter will contact for clarifications, obtaining a terminological glossary or additional literature, otherwise the service provider will use the reference material available to them and translate the text according to their own knowledge and skills. If the client does not fulfil their obligations, all complaints due to inappropriate use of the terminology will be rejected.

4.8 Any complaint will be taken into consideration if submitted in writing by registered letter or by e-mail no later than 8 days after the date of service provided. In the case of a larger order (more than 100 translated standard pages), the client is entitled to an extended deadline for complaints, but up to 30 days from the date of service provided. If the client misses the statutory deadline for filing a complaint, the service provider will not consider the content of the complaint. One complaint for each individual order can be taken into consideration.

4.9 The claim for a complaint must contain the information about the order, explicitly stated comments and clarified corrections concerning the translation. In the event that the said comments are not included in the claim, the complaint is disregarded.

4.10 In the case of a justified objection (in the judgement and opinion of the translation service provider and of an independent translator or proofreader), an improved and supplemented product is delivered to the client within the agreed time. The service provider can offer a discount to the client for a justified claim.

4.11 The complaint is unjustified if the client rejects the proposed proofreading when ordering the translation (usually in the case of texts intended for publication) and the client complains about the translation due to minor stylistic or spelling mistakes, which are in these cases primarily the proofreader’s domain . If the translated text is published or spread in any way and the client has not previously notified the service provider about this and has not requested proofreading and correction prior to publishing the text, the client has no rights to compensation for possible errors in the text. The service provider does not guarantee the quality of the translation that is carried out at an express request of the client in an inappropriately short term.

4.12 If the client did not explicitly prohibit it, the service provider has the right to indicate the client’s name or logo in their references. The service provider protects all acquired data about clients in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

5 Prices, discounts and payment terms

5.1 The services are charged in accordance with the valid price list of the service provider on the day of the conclusion of the contract or in exceptional cases in accordance with the prices determined by a special written agreement with the client.

5.2 The prices are calculated for one (1) standard page (250 words) and do not include VAT.
The smallest unit is one (1) standard page. The minimum order amount is € 15 without VAT.

5.3 The translation is generally calculated according to the source text. In cases when the price cannot be determined from the source text, the translation is calculated according to the target language.

5.4 The prices are indicative and may vary depending on the degree of difficulty, which is determined upon reviewing the text. For terminologically demanding texts and for urgent translations delivered within a shorter timeframe, the service provider will charge an additional amount for the level of difficulty or urgency by prior arrangement with the client. For texts on paper or in electronic form that does not allow OCR scanning or electronic copying of text (poorer photocopies, manuscript, illegible scanned documents), we charge a 10 % markup on the price.

5.5 A regular discount may be granted to regular clients based on an agreement or a contract on the long-term cooperation.

5.6 For large quantities or repetitive texts, the service provider may grant a quantity discount or discount for repetition, which does not apply automatically for the following orders. Discounts are granted for each translation separately.

5.7 Legal persons pay for the service after the latter is carried out on the basis of the invoice issued or in advance on the basis of the pro forma invoice. The payment deadline is indicated on the invoice.

5.8 Natural persons pay for the service before it is performed. Translation or proofreading starts immediately after the payment is made or after receiving a payment receipt.

5.9 The payment deadline is ten (10) days after issuing the invoice. For public contracts or long-term business relationships (if the parties agree in writing), the payment period is thirty (30) days after the invoice is issued. The payment is made to the bank or PayPal account of the service provider.

5.10 If there is doubt about the solvency of the client, in the case of large orders, orders by foreign clients, first concluded businesses and in other cases where the service provider considers it necessary, the service provider has the right to demand advance payment from the client before starting to carry out the order. For untimely payments, the service provider reserves the right to charge legal default interest. If the client fails to settle their obligations within 8 days after receiving a reminder, the service provider may use all legal measures for the recovery of the debt.

6 Copyrights

6.1 Until the service is fully settled, in accordance with the applicable law on intellectual property, all translated files are the property of the service provider. After paying the invoice, all copyrights belong to the client. The service provider does not take any responsibility for violating material copyrights or moral copyrights of third parties. In case of an unpaid invoice, any use, presentation, partial or complete reproduction of the translation is unlawful.

7 Final provisions

7.1 The text in these General Terms and Conditions is binding for the contracting parties.

7.2 The competent court in Ljubljana has jurisdiction over settling disputes that cannot be resolved by mutual agreement.