Fast Translation Services

Time is money.

Are you short on time and need an express translation? Have you contacted translators and no one is replying? Is the service too expensive?

Don’t worry. Contact K&J Translations and we will get you a free quote within 30 minutes. Translations of simpler texts, up to seven copyright pages, can be guaranteed in a single day.

An fast translation service is required when:

  • You urgently need a translation of a document within 24 to 48 hours (or less), regardless of the length of the text.
  • You just need to find out as soon as possible what each document is for or what the text is about.
  • You already have the text translated by quality translators, but you still want to order additional proofreading… ’cause two heads are better than one!

Companies in today’s digital economy must respond quickly to the rapidly changing demands of the international market. K&J Translations provides express translations, allowing the company to stay ahead of the competition and move forward more quickly.

We provide express translations of the following texts:

  • Emails,
  • presentations,
  • meetings,
  • letters,
  • acknowledgements,
  • and many other texts.

Do you have more questions? Contact us at or via the form below.

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