Subtitle translation services

Subtitles are timed onscreen text that includes all dialogue in a video. Subtitling is often associated with foreign films, but it may be used for a variety of purposes other than translation. Subtitling services are required for all videos that need international exposure and mainly for audiences who have a hearing impairment. Subtitling your videos will improve understandability and aid language learning if your audience is from another country.

The Subtitling Process

Subtitling services primarily include integrating a written translation of a dialogue delivered on the screen of a video with a motion picture or audio track. Since subtitling is not written beforehand, it is not the same as voice over services. Our subtitlers are all highly skilled professionals with extensive experience in the subtitling industry. Our typists can work with videos in a variety of formats during the video transcription process, and scripts are written in an intelligent verbatim style.

After completing the audio typing aspect of subtitling, the script is loaded into subtitling software, where times are entered, and audio is synced to the onscreen text. Any formatting, such as italics, upper case letters, and colour or placement changes, will be applied to the captions at this stage. Finally, the video is replayed, and the captions are proofread for correct grammar, spelling, consistency, and timing.

We offer a variety of subtitling services, including:

  • Video subtitling services
  • Broadcast subtitling services
  • Television and film subtitling services
  • Documentary subtitling services
  • Promotion and advertising subtitles
  • Online training, education and learning subtitles
  • Social media and website subtitles
  • Vimeo and YouTube subtitles

Why choose K&J Translations?

Whether you are looking for audio or video subtitling services, you should know that subtitling and translation are the subtlest forms of conveying content. At K&J Translations, we consider any form of writing to be an art form and therefore, something that a machine is not capable of. Ordinary speech can contain slang, vocal sounds, grunts, swearing, fillers, and repetitions.

These vocalisations cannot be fully understood or articulated by a ‘robot’. As a result, we have decided to take a human approach to subtitling to ensure the best results for viewers. In addition, our prices are highly competitive and our flexible approach to subtitling means we can work to tight deadlines, with a wide range of subtitle formats. We can transcribe your final cut, provide a transcript, and finally, create and burn your subtitles.

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