It is a big waste when a great idea is not properly written!

Have you written a text in your mother tongue or a foreign language, but are not sure if it is grammatically correct?

We offer you quality proofreading of all types of texts. All of our proofreaders are specialized experts in various fields of texts and native speakers of the selected language!

In proofreading, we guarantee not only the elimination of grammatical and typographical errors but also the stylistic and terminological relevance of the text. In addition to the corrections, our proofreaders also help you with suggestions and comments to improve the text.

Proofreading of all types of texts:

  • annual reports,
  • manuals,
  • advertisements,
  • technical texts,
  • web pages,
  • literature,
  • bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses,
  • other.

In addition to proofreading, we also offer standard and certified translations.

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