Medical Translation Services

Medicine is a science that aims at preventing and treating disease and restoring human health. The father of medicine is Hippocrates, an ancient Greek philosopher who, along with his colleague Claudius Galen, laid the groundwork for a modern and rational approach to healing.

Today, medicine is divided into three main branches. The first branch is the division into sciences, such as anatomy, biochemistry, biophysics, physiology, genetics and 13 other fields. The second is the division into medical specializations, which include surgery and internal medicine. The last branch of the division is the division of medicine into interdisciplinary fields such as medical ethics, medical informatics and forensic medicine.

As the names of the medical fields themselves sound quite complicated, we can also reasonably conclude that medical texts are quite complex, mainly because the terminology is largely unknown to laypeople.

Just as precision is important in complex surgery, precision in translating medical records, diagnoses, medication instructions, clinical protocols, and other important medical texts is also important. Inaccurate, careless or even incorrect translations can have serious medical and legal implications, so the translation must be clear, accurate and unambiguous.

For translators, translating medical and pharmaceutical texts is a major challenge, as these texts are among the most demanding documentation on which human lives depend.

The translations of the instructions for use of medical devices and medicines must be faultless, accurate and under the regulations of the applicable legislation of your country. It is also important that they are fully understood by all users as well as the healthcare staff to avoid any potential problems in treating patients.

Often, medical texts also require certified translations.

At K&J Translations, we are aware of the importance of translating medical texts. We work with translators who know medical terms in the original and target languages, chemical names of medicines, and Latin and Greek terms for diagnoses and diseases.

In addition to translations of medical texts, we also offer the following services:

  • Additional proofreading of the text (We recommend it especially if the text is for publication or marketing purposes).
  • Graphic design of the translated text (in case you need the graphic format of the translation to match the graphic format of the original text).

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