Legal Translation Services

Law is a set of different rules that govern the most important relationships in a country or society. The rules are published in the official publication of the country. In democratic countries, rules are shaped by the people through a representative body (parliament). However, the effectiveness of the rules is ensured by the state and the local community through their institutions, such as the courts, the police, the prosecutor’s office, the administrative authorities and the executive authorities.

Translating legal texts is a very demanding activity that requires the translator to have specific knowledge of legal terminology that varies from country to country.

Legal Translation Services are often equated with certified translations, although this is not completely identical. Translations of various statutes, contracts, authorisations and other legal texts do not require judicial certification. You can read more about certified translations here.

Which texts in the field of law are translated?

  • Contracts (international, deeds of gift, purchase contracts and partnership contracts),
  • authorisations,
  • statutes of different companies,
  • juridical acts,
  • official documents
  • etc.

K&J Translations is aware that legal texts are confidential and we guarantee that confidentiality is maintained. When translating legal texts, we work with the most trusted colleagues, whose knowledge is not only at the level of native speakers of the target language, but who are also experts in their field.

In addition to translations of legal texts and certified translations, we also offer the following services:

  • Additional proofreading of the text (recommended especially if the text is intended for publication or marketing purposes).
  • Graphic design of the translated text (in case you need the graphic format of the translation to match the graphic format of the original text – recommended especially if the original text is in .pdf format, contains pictures and tables, or if the original is scanned).

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