When recording voiceovers for videos, the problem is constantly synchronizing the audio (voiceover track) with the video to ensure that what’s spoken matches what’s on the screen. It’s even more difficult with video localization when the voiceover is recorded in a different language. Because the target language is frequently not the same length as the original, the audio in the target language does not always match the original. The most typical solution is to time the voice recording to match what’s happening on the video.

Timed voice over

When it comes to timed voiceover, there is a limitation to the audio recording. The voiceover talent must record the script inside that time frame, which involves doing as many takes as needed to get the timing just perfect, as well as some tuning from the studio engineer to shave very minute amounts of time off. Timed recording may necessitate revising the translated script to ensure that it fits inside the time constraints.

Untimed voice over

Untimed voiceover audio may be a preferable choice. For starters, not changing the translated script for timing can improve localization accuracy. Second, untimed audio is usually less expensive because it may be completed in one or two takes and doesn’t take up too much of the voiceover talent’s valuable studio time. Finally, untimed audio can be recorded at a natural pace.

The issue with untimed audio is that its length does not necessarily correspond to video length. To make it match, either the audio or the video, or both, must be altered. These are not simple editing operations; they take time and need technical knowledge, resulting in expenses that may be greater than timed audio.


K&J Translations, fortunately, has developed technology that automatically edits audio and video. The audio track is automatically synchronized to the video with the push of a button, saving hours of laborious work.

Saving time means saving money on the entire process. Because untimed voice recording does not necessitate the expense and effort of script editing, it is a more cost-effective and less difficult solution. When untimed recording is combined with K&J Translations’ automated synchronization technology, the cost and time required to translate a movie into another language are greatly decreased.