Both the words center and centre are correct spellings of the same word and also have the same meaning. However, where you live has an impact on which spellings are acceptable. Do you speak British or American English? Depending on your response, you may prefer different spellings.

For decades, the variations in spelling between American and British English have puzzled authors. In American English, center is the prefered spelling, but most British English writers prefer centre. It’s worth noting that center (and centre) can be used as a noun, an adjective, or a verb. It can help you imagine how to use the two terms if you see them used in real-life situations.


Center is the accepted term in American English. It can be used as a noun or a verb. As a noun center may refer to the exact middle of something. It may also apply to a type of organisation, such as the Science and Research Center of Koper. It may also refer to a building or facility that is used for a specific activity, such as a college’s athletic center or the City Center shopping mall.


At the center of my chocolate piece was a delicious, candied cherry.

– Kevin’s family founded the Autism Center when they could not find the services their son required using existing resources.

– The new doctor was very proud the first day he worked at the medical center.

– The young athlete played center position on the football team.

As a verb, center means to place something in the middle of a defined area, to find a middle, or to revolve around a central theme.


– The discussion at the educational conference will center on childhood obesity.

– Before you can practice yoga effectively, you must center yourself in the present moment.


Centre is another spelling of the same word used in British English.


– Children like to be the centre of attention.

– The city centre really comes alive at the weekend.

We hope that makes sense!

Here’s a final tip..

You can easily remember to reserve center for primarily British audiences if you remember that centre is spelled with the letter sequence re, as in Reader’s Corner in Essex, U.K.


Center is the American spelling

Centre is the British spelling.