Here you can learn about portals that allow you to check the balance sheets and income statements of different European countries.


Personal (silent partnership, limited partnership, unlimited liability company), capital companies (limited liability company, joint-stock company, limited partnership), sole proprietors and private individuals, cooperatives, non-profit organisations, legal entities under public law and societies are the types of entities recognised in Slovenia. All business entities in Slovenia are required by law ZGD-1 to compile annual reports on their business performance. What the annual report must contain, however, is determined by the size of the business entity. In Slovenia, there are three websites where you can review a company’s balance:

  1. The balance sheet of a Slovenian company can be reviewed via the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related ServicesAJPES. You only need to register in order to view all of a company’s information. The user is then given unrestricted access to all companies in Slovenia, including their activity and legal organisational form, ownership structure, balance sheet, income statement, and financial statement notes. The website is available in both Slovenian and English.
  2. Company information is also available on the BIZI website. The user can view the company, legal form, transaction accounts, and activities free of charge. All other information is available for a subscription fee. The annual membership fee is €299 + VAT. The website is available in both Slovenian and English.
  3. On the GVIN website, any user can only see the company, the legal organisational form, transaction accounts, and activity. If you need additional information about the company, there arethree various subscription packages for you to choose from. . The first package (Basic Plus) costs €1,505 + VAT for an annual subscription, while the second package (Super) costs €1,999 + VAT. The third package (Pro Analyzer) is available at a cost of €2,800 + VAT. The content and amount of data available varies greatly between packages. The website is available in both Slovenian and English.


For a standard fee, all information about business entities in Austria is available, including the company, activity, financial statements, and organisational form, is available. The cost of each website are listed below.

The first website that provides access to all of a company’s information is USP, which charges €13 to create an account, whereas Firmenbuchgrundbuch charge €25 for the same service. Both German and English versions of the websites are available. Registration costs €20 at the IMD GesmbH and A1 Telekom Austria websites. Only a German version of both is available.


Annual financial statements and reports for Croatian business entities can be found on the FINA portal of the financial agency. There are also company profiles, legal organisational forms, tax and registration numbers, and balance sheets available. It’s completely free of charge. All you need to do is register. The website is available in both Croatian and English. The Register of Annual Financial Reports is available in Croatian only.


The Italian Chamber of Commerce has launched a web portal in both English and Italian. It is managed by Infocamere. Free searches and insights into companies, activities, and organisational forms are available. You must pay €3.50 for viewing the entity profile and €4.60 for viewing their annual reports if you require any additional information.


The Company Hungary website has information about Hungarian Republic business entities. You can only search for business entities and their headquarters address for free. Further information is available at a cost, as stated in their price list. The cost of viewing a single balance sheet in PDF format is €12.60, and the cost of viewing annual reports is €10. The website is available in both English and Hungarian.


The German Business Register is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Access to information about a company’s operations, activities, organisational form, and annual reports of German business entities is free. There is also a wealth of other information available on the website, both paid and free.


HBI Polska collects data on business entities in Poland. Users can get free access to information about a company’s registered office, organisational form, and activity. A subscription is required to access additional information. Different information packages come at different prices. The cheapest package costs €925 + VAT, while the most expensive costs €2,800 + VAT. The site is available in English, German, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Italian, and French.

Coface Poland is another website that collects business data. In English or Polish, the user can view data about registered offices, organisational forms, and activities of individual business entities for free. One report costs €64 and includes information about the company, its organisational structure, activities, balance sheet, income statement, credit rating, and so on.


The Slovak Business Register’s website is available in English and Slovak. It’s free to look up information about a company, its organisational form, activities, and management, as well as a list of documents and financial reports submitted by business entities to the register. The website allows for free registration and access to information about business entities and organisational forms. Payment is required if you require any additional information. The website is only available in Slovak.

The third website that provides free access to company balance sheet in Slovakia is Finstat. It’s available in Slovak and partly in English.

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