Being a linguist entails much more than just speaking two languages. Translators constantly try their best to maintain a professional image, since this allows them to build a customer base over time. Let’s take a look at some of the most prevalent fears and stressful circumstances that translators face.

1. Running out of battery

Many of us now perform the majority of our work on laptops because they are portable and allow us to work from our favourite coffee shop. Nonetheless, this liberty comes at a cost, and the cost we must pay is the fear of running out of battery. Consider running out of battery on a tight deadline with no charger in your bag…

2. No Wi-fi

There is no such thing as life without the internet… Unfortunately, such remark is quite literal for experienced translators. We utilize it for everything, from marketing our services and seeking new clients to sending and receiving translated documents. To make money, we must work, and to work, we must have access to the internet!

3. No projects

The majority of translators operate as freelancers, which means we are responsible not just for the work we accomplish, but also for branding ourselves and obtaining customers. Whichever marketing medium you use, it’s frequently more challenging than the translation itself. Most linguists’ greatest fear is that they would not have any tasks to work on.

4. Missing a deadline

One of the things that can harm that image, and one that we fear the most, is missing a deadline.


It’s critical that you spend both time and money on professional translation services. You will avoid the negative consequences that can result from missing a deadline if you do so. We are here at K&J Translations to assist you in ensuring the highest quality translations and taking your company to the next level. Our translators never miss a deadline and work with the highest quality programs, so we always meet our agreed-upon deadlines.