You may open your website to new users and markets in addition to the improved viewing experience that comes with translating it. This might mean a rise in the number of fans, sales, downloads, and other metrics, depending on your objectives.

This function is especially useful if your website or business caters to a wide range of countries or if it is based in a country with numerous official languages (e.g., Canada, where both French and English are official languages).

What is Weglot?

Weglot is a WordPress translation plugin that integrates smoothly with your website, is compatible with WordPress themes and plugins, and provides a user-friendly interface for individuals who wish to translate their website quickly and easily.

Weglot recognizes your site’s content (including menu items) and automatically translates it into the language you specify once it’s installed and activated. You can then maintain your site’s translations via the Weglot cloud dashboard (you’ll need a Weglot account to do so) using a visual editor, allowing you to make manual translation edits as necessary.

Step-by-step guide

1. To begin, go to the Plugin Directory and download, install, and activate the Weglot Translate plugin.

2. The next step is to obtain an API key, which you may obtain for free by creating a Weglot account. Your API key will appear, along with a link to your own dashboard. Copy your key and go back to your WordPress site.

3. You’ll be brought to your translation setup page after clicking on the new Weglot option in your WordPress admin. You can use this page to make new translations for your site and decide how they will appear in WordPress.

4. Begin by pasting your API key into the first field, and then start working on your first translation. Select the language of your choosing as the destination language while keeping the original language set to English.

5. The next section allows you to customize the appearance of the language selector on your website. You can customize its design as well as where it appears by default on your pages.

6. Finally, you can specify exclusions to limit translations to specific areas of your website. When you’re finished, click Save Changes, and your site will be multilingual! To see the result, go to your website and look for the selector you made.

That’s it!

It may seem tough to translate your website into numerous languages, especially if you are not multilingual yourself. However, using the Weglot Translate plugin, you can easily construct a site that has all of the advantages of catering to non-native speakers without the time and effort.

Take some time to think about which languages your site will benefit from, and then use Weglot Translate to quickly add translations to your site!

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