75% of total marketing budget will go to digital marketing. Since the market is expanding day by day, creating new marketing strategies and cultivating new ideas to master the market is becoming more challenging every day. 

Creating a new marketing campaign is not an easy task. The marketing costs are high and therefore it is very important to make it worth your money. You advertising must be attractive to the customer not only visually, but also verbally.

When expanding your marketing campaigns to international markets, you need to make sure you pick a suitable provider of translations services, who will put all of his other knowledge and effort into this task.

Marketing Translation is not limited to the translation of information, but one also has to deliver an accurate message. There are several factors, which a translator has to keep in mind while translating marketing campaigns.

Things to Consider in Marketing Translation

Understand Your Target Audience

This world is diverse, be it in culture, language, traditions, and in many other aspects. While working on a project, you have to keep in mind the target audience. Is your project going to launch globally, nationally, or regionally?

It is also vital to know which geographical areas you are going to cover because the language often varies from one region to another. Since you want to make the message appealing to your target audience, make sure that you speak to them in their language, making a much greater impact on them.

Analyzing the Original

Before you start translating, make sure to review your text with someone who has a good hold in the market. They should check for phrases, images, and concepts that are not acceptable in all the countries and make sure that the content is not in any way irritating or insulting on the foreign market. These exclusions include some linguistic expressions, metaphors, and some specific pictures.

The feedback can be very beneficial for your campaign and can save you from bad reputation or just simply from wasting your money with no effect whatsoever.

Make sure to double check for spelling mistakes

Spelling mistakes can ruin all the work you have done on your campaign. Make sure that you avoid them by letting a professional proofreader check the translated text. It is vital that the final text is written in an attractive style, is understandable, clear and includes no typos or grammar errors.

Focus on Budget and Time

Since marketing translation takes time, the cost and timeline are not the same as in translating technical or general commercial documents. The content is more difficult to be translated, since with a bad translation, it can easily loose its meaning or its purpose.

Furthermore, titles, taglines, and copies will require additional attention and many revisions to make the translations reflect the desired message.

It is not the best idea to divide a single project between too many translators. The consistency of style is more difficult to achieve in marketing texts than in technical documentation.


For a successful marketing campaign, it is essential to have the right team, cultural insights, and brand awareness. This will help you reach more people and create the right buzz. Along with these tips, make sure to track the success of your marketing campaigns. It will help you to perform even better next time.