There are many E-commerce platforms on the market that allow you to multilingualise your WooCommerce store, with WordPress WooCommerce plugin being one of the most popular. Although WordPress does not provide multilingual support by default, you can easily make a store multilingual.

When you’ve established local business success, expanding your business into other countries is a natural next step. Creating a multilingual WooCommerce store can help you break into new international markets and find customers who might otherwise be unaware of your offerings.

You’ll need two things to set up a WooCommerce multilingual store: WooCommerce on your WordPress site and a translation plugin.

Why Should You Use the WooCommerce Multilingual Plugin With WPML?

The WPML team produced WooCommerce Multilingual, a dedicated plugin for WooCommerce product translation management. It comes with over 60 languages that you may choose from and add to your e-store. To provide full support for your WooCommerce multilingual store, you must install the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin. WooCommerce Multilingual is a customized WooCommerce solution for multilingual eCommerce WordPress sites.


To install the plugin, go to the official WPML plugin website, select the plan, and install it. After you’ve installed it, you’ll need to configure it. Once you’ve done that, your WooCommerce store is ready to translate – you can do so using the WPML plugin in one of two ways:

Option 1: Use a translation management system to translate your material

As you are aware, quality is important, and you should keep this in mind when translating your website. Manage your entire translation with the plugin translation management add-on:

– To begin, navigate to the translation dashboard.

– After that, select the content you want to translate.

– Select the option for translation.

– The final step is to click the “add selected content to translation basket” button.

Your content has now been successfully translated.

Option 2: Manually translate the content

You can translate your content without the requirement for translation management add-on with the manual method. To translate and update your content, simply open your dashboard, and use the plus and plugins icons.

What are the advantages of using the WooCommerce multilingual plugin with WPML?

There are numerous advantages to using the WooCommerce multilingual plugin with WPML. It’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to translate WooCommerce products created by WPML developers.

It provides full support for your WooCommerce multilingual store after installation. It also enables you to manage a variety of product-related information, such as:

• Single product information

• Product category translations

• Product tag translations

• Product attributes

That’s it!

The truth is that there is no better way to broaden your market reach than by setting up a multilingual WooCommerce store. Not only will translating your store and providing localized content help you attract new customers, but it will also help you maximize your reach and sales potential.

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