The number of online buyers is increasing at a rapid pace. With this, retailers are really working hard to get themselves noticed to increase their sales and attract new customers.

More and more sales are the dream of every eCommerce retailer. But, what if you have already done everything and still do not get the desired results? Maybe you need to take a look at your marketing strategies.

What marketing strategy can bring more traffic to your site? We have a few tips for you:

Make Your Site Responsive

Smartphones have made our lives easier. In fact, people are using their mobile phones more than their PCs to make an online purchase. With your site being available and readable on mobile devices, you are making your services accessible to your customers literally 24/7. Your customers can browse through your products and services while they are sitting in the public transportation, waiting in line for their lunch or even in their bed before falling asleep. Isn’t that fantastic?

But in order to achieve that, your website must be mobile-friendly, clear and user-friendly. Make sure your site navigates users properly so they can have a satisfactory experience and love coming back to you!

We are sure that you are a splendid businessman or businesswoman, but if you are not that skilled in optimizing websites, do not let it limit your online success and contact a professional provider, who will help you optimize your website!

Use Live Chat Support

Many users do not buy the products because they have some doubts or queries that need to be solved. In this situation, they will leave your store eventually without buying anything.

Therefore, it is important to clear out their doubts and provide them with a genuine solution. Live chat support can help with that. You can have a real-time chat with your customers and answer their questions regarding products. It will augment their experience, they will feel assured regarding their concerns and they will easily find what they are looking for.

Leverage Social Media

Social media is one of the best methods to reach out to customers worldwide. You can share compelling posts on Facebook and Instagram. Since people get attracted to visually appealing stuff, visual branding is one way to boost your sales.

Along with the posts, you can also post ads on these social media platforms, which could have a direct impact on your sales. So, focus on building an army of followers on various social media platforms.

Translation of your website and your SEO

The best way to attract more international customers to your services is to translate your website into their language. Choose your target markets and let professional translators take care of good, localized translation of your products or services. Customers love it when they can find what they need in their native language. They are more likely to buy from you on a regular basis, so why not give it a go?

Make sure to pay special attention to localization, key words and SEO, which are key factors to reach a successful, well-profiting website. If you need a good partner who will help you with translation services, contact us and we will gladly offer you our professional services!

Increase The Speed of Your Website

Your website speed has an immediate impact on the popularity of your store and the number of customers.

With so many tools available online for measuring the speed of your page, you could unveil the factors that are slowing down your website. The tools will provide you with useful insights that can be fixed instantly.

Upsell Your Products

Getting customers to your site is a challenging task. So, it would be best if you made it worth your while. Yes, we are talking about upselling your products.

It is a sure-shot way to boost the sales of your eCommerce sales. With this technique, you can persuade people to buy an item they are already interested in.

For instance, if the customer is looking at dresses, you can recommend footwear or a purse that would go with the dress. So, keep an eye out for several product recommendations. Use this method on the product page, during, and after the checkout.

It is an easy way to sell more products.


With these tactics, you can surely increase the traffic of your eCommerce sales. Along with these, make sure to focus on digital marketing as well. Try optimizing your website for SEO to see the desired results.

Having a good and well-visited website is not a one-time task. It needs constant work and improvements. You need to keep up with the new technologies and marketing tools. But it is worth every minute that you invest into it. You will get your reward in growing sales and the position of your website on Google. So why not give it a go?