Translations of Annual Reports

The Annual Report is a very important document of the company as it comprehensively presents the past business and gives forecasts for the future. Many companies prepare annual business reports every year. You are probably among them. Many of these companies also need a translation of the annual report following its compilation.

Translating the Annual Report is a very good investment in the future of the company. In addition, a translation of the company’s annual report will be gladly viewed by potential foreign business partners or investors. Also, when a company wants to borrow from abroad, the money lenders will be interested in the annual report. In any case, it will also be necessary for the business operations of the company in foreign markets and its promotion.

We are aware that a well-translated annual report is a reflection of a successful company, and we, therefore, do our best for each client. We provide quality and fast translation of annual reports. We work with excellent translators and experts who focus on the field of accounting. With their help, your translation of the Annual Report will be accurate and terminologically relevant.

When translating annual reports, special attention is paid to:

  • terminological relevance,
  • precision and accuracy,
  • quality and professionalism of the presentation.

After the text has been translated, we can offer you an additional language review of the annual report by our experts or native speakers. This will make your report even more complete.

Entrust the translation of your annual report to us and our experts!

In addition to translating operating instructions, we also offer the following services:

  • Additional proofreading of the text (we recommend it especially if the text is for publication or marketing purposes).
  • Graphic design of the translated text (in case you need the graphic format of the translation to match the graphic format of the original text).

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