Korean Translation Services

If you need English-Korean or Korean-English translation services, do not hesitate to contact us. We can offer you the translation of different types of texts at competitive prices and in the quickest time possible!

The Korean language is an East Asian language spoken by about 77 million people in the World. It is a member of the Koranic language family and is the official language of North Korea and South Korea, with different official forms used in each country. Korean is also spoken in parts of Russia and Central Asia. The language uses two standard forms. These are Pyojuneo (South Korea) and Munhwa’ŏ (North Korea).

Our agency can offer you:

English-Korean translation

Korean-English translation

Translation of Korean language in combination with 85 other languages

Translation agency K&J Translations can offer you a translation of your web page, terms and conditions, instruction manuals, different types of contracts, abstracts or summaries that you need for your business or your private use. We would be happy to help you with your ideas and enable them to grow. We are proud to offer you fast, high-quality translations at good prices.

In case of bigger amount of text (over 20 pages), we can offer you a quantity discount.

In order to make your text even more perfect, we can offer you also proofreading service by a professional translator of the certain language or native speaker. After this review you will receive flawless text that will sound natural to native speakers.

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