Professional Translations of your WordPress Website

K&J Translations based in Europe is a leading translation agency in its field. We are partners of a company which specialises in programming, SEO and web developing, which is giving us a significant advantage when translating websites for our clients. Located in the heart of the Europe with our franchises around the Central Europe, we have a wide range of native translators and proof-readers of European languages and constantly grow our offer or world languages.

Our Main Priority

Our main priority is the satisfaction of our clients

In K&J Translations we are doing our best to meet the needs of our clients. We offer high quality services, create rich translation memories which ensure consistency and finally, we do it all for the best prices possible! We are only working with professional translators, who have the detailed knowledge of specific fields. Our project managers are hard-working, friendly, and dedicated to their projects, so we make sure that everything is always delivered as promised, or even better!

The price and the discounts

We are aware that companies have limited budgets and we strive to respect these limits. Therefore, we are using professional translation software, which recognize repetitions within the text. We will offer you a discount on repetitions in the text as well as a quantity discount. We will make sure to offer you as generous discounts as possible.

K&J Translations is Ready When You Are

Would you like to cooperate with us? Just write us an e-mail and ask us for an authorization token to connect to your website.