Literary Translations

Literary translation is fundamentally different from other types of translation. This is due to the fact that the poetic communication function takes precedence in literary translation. This means that literary translation has an artistic purpose in addition to conveying information to the reader. The creative image formed in a literary work (whether it is a character or a scene from nature) will undoubtedly have an impression on the reader.

As a result, the literary translator must consider the text’s unique characteristics. It is the poetic focus of the text that distinguishes this sort of translation from, say, informative texts.

We experience the text itself with its meaning, emotions, and characters when we read a story, poem, or any other sort of literary work translated from a foreign language.

Scope of literary translations

The primary purpose of the translation, which is to create a specific image for the reader, is a challenging job. This means that literary translation may deviate from established rules. The complexity and substance of the literary work cannot be captured in a literal translation. A literary translator interprets the source text in a non-literal manner and completely rewrites and interprets the content from the beginning to the very end.

Moreover, the differences in context between the original language of the work and the translation must be considered; for example, a translation from Arabic to Danish must consider the cultural context of the source and the target language.

Authors have relied on us to provide the most accurate translations of:

• Movie scripts

• Poetry & songs

• Essays

• Magazines & journals

• Books (novels, non-fiction, etc.)

• Textbooks

At K&J Translations, we are ready to take on any type of literary translation, whether literary translation of music, poetry, prose, or movie scripts. We do this not just to offer a good translation of the contents provided, but also to style the translation for the country in which it will be published.

A translator who is both intelligent and compassionate can be a valuable asset to a writer. At K&J Translations, our literary translators provide translations for films, books, and magazines that your international audiences will enjoy.

With the help of our skilled and specifically educated literary translators, share your story with readers all over the world. You’ll get a flawless translated version in every language, regardless of the tone, structure, or length of your work.

In addition to translating literary texts, we also provide the following services:

Court translations,

graphic design of the translated text (if the graphic format of the translation must match that of the original text. recommended, especially if the original text is in .pdf format, contains images and tables, or is scanned).

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