Instructions for using machines, products, or safety precautions are often very detailed and may also cover some ten pages. A translation of such a document can cost several hundred euros. However, the price can be drastically reduced if you pay close attention to the following factors:

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1. Well prepared materials

If you have translation materials prepared in a word-editing (word, excel) format, all parts are readable on a computer and arranged transparently, making the work easier for the translator and helping you avoid additional expenses. Review the translation materials to make sure they do not contain any redundant parts. It is best to always send the final version of the text for translation to the translator or translation agency. Thus you avoid the extra charge for additional changes to the translated text.

2. Dictionary of Technical Terms

If you have already had similar texts translated or have a good overview of the translated professional terms, do not keep it to yourself! Not only does this make the translator’s work easier (making the cost of the translation lower); the consistency of your translations is also guaranteed.

3. Repeated segments

In the instruction manuals, whole segments of text are often repeated. Most translators or agencies consider this and offer you a quantitative discount of up to 30%! Repetitions can be converted by professional translation tools used by every major translation agency, as well as by many translators. However, your document must be in a format in which the program can detect the text and recalculate individual segments.

If the original is in an editable format (word, excel, a text document, etc.), it is much easier to maintain the format of the final text. If you send a scanned version of a printed document to the translator, the graphic result of the translation may be very different from the original and you will have to pay extra for additional changes. And if you have a text translated into multiple languages, the graphic design of each document can be a big cost. You should invest your money into a clear transcript of the original to avoid the high cost of additional graphic editing.

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